Tatty's Designer Recycle. We sell on your behalf! We stock Women's, Men's, Shoes, Accessories and Children's Wear. Located in Ponsonby and High Street.

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Vintage clothing, accessories, second hand clothes, menswear, womenswear


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Tatty's is not for the faint-hearted. With a seemingly indomitable offering of second-hand clothing, it's sure to get hearts racing. But disappointment is not a word in Tatty's vocab. Last-minute shoppers are constantly provided with their perfect garment, while browsers are always faced with a guilt-free impulse buy. Not to be missed, folks!

When on the hunt for quality second-hand finds, I can't go past Tatty's. I set aside a few hours (you need a while) every few months to trawl through their vast collection and always leave with at least one amazing item that becomes a staple in my wardrobe. The staff are always happy to help you out when you're stuck and seem to be passionate about vintage clothes themselves.

I’ve never been one to buy designer clothes (my Scottish heritage prevents me from paying big dollars for any luxury items) but up-cycling is definitely my thing. Tatty’s is a recent - but heavenly - discovery for me because there’s lots of good-quality clothes to buy without the designer price tags. Now winter is almost here, I’m looking to shop up a storm and even better yet, it’s in my work local.

If you have the time, go and check out Tatty’s. Here you’ll find plenty of great quality second-hand items. The ever-changing stock means that every visit will be new and different. The staff are generally pretty helpful and eager to help out. Great designer items for a fraction of the price.

Tatty's is proof that being stylish doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. Here you'll find racks upon racks of great-quality designer secondhand and vintage digs, cherry-picked by the discerning staff. The ever-changing stock means that every visit is a new treasure hunt to find the perfect piece at a great price. A must-stop when searching for the perfect coat.

Love. Walking into a place with some many styles, great staff.

Tatty’s is one of my favourite places in Auckland. Not only do I buy tons of stuff there, but I sell my old clothes, purses and shoes back to them. Everything in the shop is in great condition and organized really well by colour and/or by garment (dresses, pants, coats, etc.) I love that I often find designer digs for a fraction of the price - and sometimes the items are brand new! I also spot lots of things I wouldn’t normally be able to find in New Zealand. You have to hunt around a little bit, but I almost never leave empty-handed.

Tatty’s is not the kind of op shop where you should expect to find anything cheaper than $40 and for that very reason it is where you need to put your bargain hunting skills to good use. This is a high end op shop, the kind where you find bargain designer brands in immaculate condition for a fraction of the price. Think Ponsonby throw aways, last seasons fashion which has been replaced by the latest trend. This is where you will find the good stuff!

If you love a good bargain, but you're not into trawling through racks to find a gem, Tatty's is a great alternative. Carefully curated vintage and designer second hand goods. I always walk out with something great!