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A great place to go and spark your kids imagination and hopefully develop a love of reading. With a dedicated team of staff, who will gladly help you find books that will connect with your kids, it’s where I first started reading, and the enthusiasm there for reading is infectious.

I should be a lame buzz and put - Not just for kids! At the top of this. But that’d be boring. The Children’s Book Shop is for kids, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find stuff to like in there. We all know a million pieces of fiction for young’uns that are just as interesting and satisfying for adults, there are more and more of those than you’d think. And the Children’s Bookshop is the place to find them. Take a kid too though. Or it looks a bit weird.

And the things you like that didn’t start as comics, probably started as young adult novels, so head on down to the Children’s Book Shop to find out what films for kids you will not be embarrassed to love as adult you’ll be raving about next year. Also, fads aside, the Children’s Book Shop is great.