Weekends and holidays spent in the heart of Leeds at his Grandma Nellie's bakery left a lasting impression on Paul Smith, whose lifelong passion for food and a career in art and design culminated in his starting The Little Cake Kitchen on Upper Queen Street - a quirky boutique bakery for sweet and savoury treats.

Regulars love the ginger loaf, the handmade brioches and tasty filled focaccia sandwiches as a workday treat, washed down with their fantastic Supreme coffee. They also have a selection of cake boxes and special ribbons if you're after a gift-wrapped present.


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Great little gem hidden away at the top of Queen Street. Fantastic coffee, loads of cake varieties, brilliant service.

The cafe where the barista knows your name! The best spot to pop across the road for a chat, a great coffee and the best brioche! Little Cake Kitchen keeps Rhema Media cranking.

You know when you find those brioches with pastry that’s still that little bit doughy and absolutely incredible? And the fruit and custard filling is so perfect you swear they stole the recipe from your mums ‘not as good as mum makes’ cook book, but it’s better? Or when you find that BLT sandwich that you think couldn’t be better, then next time you have it toasted, and you’re left in a day dream as your mind wanders in search of a sandwich you’ve had that compares? Or when you try a pear and ginger tart that literally makes you blush with embarrassment as you ponder over your last attempt at baking? Or when you would literally joust someone along Upper Queen Street for the last chicken wrap because there’s nothing of the sort like it in the city? Yeah, all of that happens at The Little Cake Kitchen - the smallest, most delightful cake, sandwich and coffee shop I have ever been to.

Mocha coffees at the Little Cake Kitchen in central Auckland are well balanced and full of flavour. I wish they would make cronuts a permanent part of their menu. The mocha/cronut combo makes a divine breakfast or morning tea treat.

Best hot cross buns I have had this easter. Great place to get a cake for a special birthday or occasion. Give yourself time though, you need two days in advance for the order.

All the food here is so fresh and delicious! I love the muffins :)

Love the brioches at this cute shop! The rhubarb and custard is my favourite as it's not too sweet and tastes like it's lovingly homemade. The staff are always so friendly too.

I recommend the rhubarb and custard brioche, it is delicious.  The little cake kitchen is a good stop if you need to grab a nice treat for that special someone in your life.  Their baked goods and cupcakes are a cut above what you get at most places and they will do them up in cute little boxes.  Nice coffee too.

A real treat

Cute array of treats for your morning tea!

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