Where the slow rolling Puhoi river meets the see and the coast meets one of Auckland's most scenic forests, you'll find Wenderholm regional park - perhaps one of New Zealand's most beautiful areas.

There's camp ground space, small baches and other option for accommodation here, so book ahead and come spend some time in a true kiwi paradise. It's well worth the drive.

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Had our church trip at Wenderholm beach and its been a while since I last went here but was amazing. There was a lot of space to set up, very close to the water, a lot of Pohutukawa trees provided shade & they have walking tracks which was great. We did the Maungatauhoro Te Hikoi, which begins at the Pouwhenua (carving) near Couldrey House. Great way to enjoy the stunning views and see rare birds, it would take about an hour an a half, but good way to loose some of that kilos.

Looks great

Off th beaten track !

Great place to go for a pinic with the family

I love the beach but don't love roasting in the sun, with all it's grass & gorgeous old trees Wenderholm's the perfect fit for me, and there's enough space so as to not feel crowded in even on a very busy day. It's also a great photoshoot location and is where we had our wedding pictures taken.

The perfect picnic spot! Wenderholm Regional Park is a sprawling expanse of meandering estuaries, open beach space and Pohutukawa lined parkland. Even on a busy day you won't have to walk far to find a picturesque nook cosy enough to believe you have the place to yourself. If you tire of eating, swimming or sunning, you can visit the stunning historic Couldrey House or in summer months rent a paddle board or kayak and head up the estuary towards Puhoi.

Stop off at your fav deli or french patisserie or even supermarket… buy french bread, brie, salami, gherkins; a cooked chicken and premade salad, some nice fruit and a bottle of wine or juice and off you go for a peaceful family picnic in lovely natural surroundings. In summer its a beach - fantastic for small children as well as larger, and in winter a nice setting amongst the trees for a BBQ or picnic.

Not a long drive at all. Has a lot of beautiful Pohutakawa trees to enjoy in bloom before Christmas. Great spot, plenty of water!

A classic destination for the summer day-trip or long weekend, Wenderholm harks of an era gone by and brings back memoirs of family holidays and coppertone snapshots.

Rug up warm and head out to Wenderholm Regional Park with your fishing rods for an early morning lesson in patience. The mouth of the channel is the perfect spot to cast from and is generally a quiet spot to contemplate life’s big questions. There are BBQ’s on site so make sure you bring a gold coin to cook up your early morning catch. If you are up for a bit more of an adventure you can hire a kayak and head along the Puhoi River, grabbing a beer at the tavern at the end of your journey. This is one of my favourite Regional Parks in Auckland and you will want to start early to make the most of all it has to offer.