West Wave is one of Australasia's finest integrated "Lifestyle Centres". Purpose built for the 1990 Commonwealth Games, the Centre still boasts competition dive and 50m pool and now incorporates the latest in water recreation and play facilities and swim school as well as a modern fitness centre, swim shop and recreation centre. West Wave is also accessible for people with disabilities.
Come and ride the waves, enjoy our hydro and inflatable slides or soak in the spa.

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Wave Pool, Lane Swimming, Hydro Slide, Diving Board, Aqua Classes, Learn to swim, Fitness Centre, Group Exercise Classes, Recreation Centre, Holiday Programme.


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amazing, modern gym, that suits all cultures, ages and so many activities. Great for all the family.

Love the water, love the free kids entrance!

Visited the pools in the weekend and never have any problems here. Great place to relax and just unwind after a long week and my daughter loves the kids pools, its so hard to get her out.

This place is a class act. Well organied, affordable, clean. It's got lots for kids to do and great sauna, spas and steam room for the grown ups. The pool is big and I don't usually have lane sharing issues here when I do laps, as i have in some other pools. Thanks West wave!

My local pool/rec centre in my area, great place to take the kids in the holidays, have swimming classes for kids, can go water walking and awesome atmosphere

My daughter has her swimming lessons on Saturdays at West Wave & i'm pretty impressed with the instructors there, they teach & look after your kids, show them the basics of swimming & encourage them.

Fun for the whole family, cheap, great service, staff are friendly. Can enroll your kids at the swimming classes there, where the classes are small and they learn the basics on how to swim

Great facilities, clean, fun waterslides, fantastic waves!

Reduce Pool cleaning costs, time spent on pool maintenance, $ spent on pool chemicals and $$ spent on electricity with our pool cleaning chemicals "Algi Bloc".

great fun for the family