Albert Park is a public park located in central Auckland. Access to the park is through pathways off Kitchener Street, Wellesley Street, Princes Street and Bowen Avenue.

The park is located on the site of the former Albert Barracks which was built back in 1845. The current park was laid out in the 1880s after a public competition to decide its design was won by architect James Slater.

At the corner of the park lies the Auckland Art Gallery and gardens, while visitors can also check out the original park-keepers cottage which is now a museum. Other features inlcudes a bronze statue of Queen Victoria, a large bandstand, cast iron fountain and many other artworks and memorials,

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Albert Park is a great spot to soak up the sun without having to leave the city. It's especially great since you can swim in the big fountain when you get too hot (or just make an attempt to splash your friends as much as you can 😜).

Great place to chill between classes, whether its with friends or a good book!

Close to the buzz of the University. Great to do some Taichi in, or some Yoga. The energy is more open to less done activities.

The park has a gazebo giving tranquil views of lush greenery, buildings and the landmarks that represents Auckland’s history.


Nice walk with lots of trees and flowers during spring and summer. Nice to see some colour in town :)

One of the many events this CBD park puts on is Chinese Lantern Festival, a vibrant, fun and colourful celebration of Chinese culture. A wide range of really yummy Asian (and some Western) food at really good prices too! Albert Park have always been really good about hosting big public events, rather than worrying about their grass getting trampled. This park can take a lot of use, a lot of visitors - concerts, stages, crowds; it’s all good at Albert Park!

Comment by KL
Super :)

Good sized park- lots of ways to enter and exit from Queen Street (Steps or steep paths). Have frequently had to power up to get to uni- very good exercise. Have nice pavilions, beautiful well maintained gardens and a central water fountain. Held Lantern Fest here last year- good place but was very crowded. Lots of green grass to use. Great park all round!

It wonderful to have this in the middle of town. Especially in this day and age, the land value must be huge, but it's still there. Which is great for those wanting to spend their lunchtime there, or perhaps runners wanting some scenery. I would also recommend people look up the history of Albert Park and what lies underneath it!

Comment by KL
Nice review :)

Albert park is a great place to rome around, a little bit away from all the cars and buildings! It's a beautiful big park with a gorgeous fountain to sit by, and have a picnic! I love being here on a sunny afternoon :)

Comment by KL
Good review :)