After dining at Aunty Mena's you'll wish she had always been part of your family. This fine establishment with its entirely vegetarian menu is popular hang out for many a concious diner in Wellington.

You'll never feel the need to ask "where is the meat" as all meals are hearty and delicious and if you're after a meaty alternative try their mock meats, surprisingly good!


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Lively
Noise level Upbeat
Food Options Vegetarian, Vegan

Products and specialities

Vegetarian, dinner, lunch


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If you want the taste, minus the cruelty, Aunty Mena’s can provide you with a delicious fried chicken alternative. The mock chicken at Mena’s is not only delicous, but it’s better for your health, the planet, and the animals.

Aunty Mena’s provides solid Vegan Malaysian and Chinese takeaways at a reasonable price. Everything on the menu is super delicious, and you get extra bonus points for not harming any animals for your dinner! The Tom yum soups are my favourite, with or without dumplings or noodles, and I wouldn’t say no to the wontons either.

Aunty Mena's full menu of cheap and cheerful vegan food makes my heart sing. The tom yum soups (with or without dumplings) are some of the tastiest you'll find in Wellington. Good for the animals, the planet and your belly!

Personal Favourite in Wellington, the Vegan food here is incredibly tasty and covers a large array of dishes, while they do not deliver the food is cooked fresh for you, and you can sample their variety of imitation meats if you feel like it. My go to here is the Mee Goreng, but their soups are great and it makes a cheap and tasty night out!

Aunty Mena is hands down the thing I miss most about living in Wellington. The food is amazingly fresh, tasty, made right in front of you and served with a sweet smile from one of the lovely family members who all work there. It's a sweet little dive and one where you can get cozy for an hour or so and while away a rainy day. It's very vegetarian friendly but I've taken plenty of meat lovers here and they survive and leave with a full belly and a matching grin.

Since taking the plunge and becoming vegetarian a while ago, rediscovering Aunty Mena’s was a fantastic thing, the mee goring here is my total favourite and in my opinion gunning for the best there is in town. Everything is cooked fresh and its always busy, a good sign and a great place to go for dinner during the week!

Laksa, best.

Guilt free food, entirely vege/vegan friendly restaurant with the food cooked fresh for you. One of the better Asian restaurants along Cuba Street, my personal favourite is the Mee Goreng. Good place for a cheap dinner in town.

Being able to go somewhere and order anything off the menu is the best feeling ever! #feelgood

Drum sticks are the tits!