Pearl Garden is the perfect place to go if you're looking for a yum cha restaurant experience like no other. Located in Newmarket.

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Chinese food, dine-in, takeaway, family owned restaurant, MSG free on request and optional catering services.



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It's lots of fun to eat there with family and friends, and they serve you great food in huge portions and it's not too expensive!

Owned and run by the Kan family since it opened in 1975, Pearl Garden in Newmarket is my favourite place to get Yum Cha. The service is always fast and impeccable and dishes fresh and delicious, and they also have lots of vegetarian options so you can take your non-meat eating friends along too. Highly recommended!

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Great review :)

This authentic Chinese restaurant is always full to the brim and mostly with Chinese people, locals to these flavours enjoying their home cuisine, which I feel is a good sign of any ethnic restaurant. The options are, I must admit, much better for meat-eaters, but the vegetarian steamed dumplings and the steamed greens are so good! For dessert, I highly recommend the sesame balls. They are balls of rice paste with a sweet lentil paste inside and coated in sesame seeds and they are just moreish! Traditional yum cha style where items are offered round each table, so you can grab whatever you think looks tasty as it goes by!

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Superb recommendation :)

Took a friend here to ease her into the joy of Yum Cha. Was really good food and service

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Awesome :)

Came here to try the yum cha while we were spending a shopping day out in New Market. With a map, we were able to find this place (never been to New Market before & didn’t know the streets). Great service and very good food selection. Wonderful meats and mini dishes. A great bakery trolley that I would really love to sample everything of. Definitely recommend- need to come back again.

Pays to book for yum cha as Pearl Garden can get pretty busy. Yum cha is always good. The egg custard buns are a speciality here and always a favorite.

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Must try :)

I love the friendly service. Great Yum Cha. Can get really busy so it pays to reserve.

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Agree :)

We went to Pearl garden for the Peking duck, which was simply delicious. A nice relaxing atmosphere and the food was up to scratch. The main thing that let this restaurant down was the service, we were seated quickly. Yet, we were left sitting without menus or even any drinks for a long time. When I go to restaurants I always like asking what the waiter/waitress recommends but they kept saying that it is all good and weren't even able to give us a recommendation of how much food we should order. Typically, we over ordered. Other than that the food was good and I wouldn't mind going back to check out their yum char menu. 

This was my first experience of Yum Char and i will definietly go back! The staff come round and offer you different foods to try and if you like the look of them then give them a go! The ones we had all tasted very delicious. And if you don't see anything that you really like or if you've just craving something, ask them and next thing you know they've brought it over to you! It was a lovely place to go for lunch, and was bustling with people. Thank you!

Great yum cha here, usually very busy so get in early

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I know ! :)