Petal Cupcakes - Small gifts of indulgence

Located in both Newmarket and Ponsonby, Petal offers a unique blend of flavour and fashion. Our signature cupcake 'handbags' make Petal the perfect gift to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.

Petal's ultra smooth icing can be coloured to match any theme and can also be topped with edible corporate logos, messages or even photos, to further personalise your event.

Call us to organise your cupcake delivery or pop into one of our stores for a sweet sample - Indulge with the taste of Petal Cupcakes.

Gift vouchers and stand hire also available.

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Cupcakes for your own personal enjoyment, takeaway, children's parties,events or functions


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You know you've found a great tasting cupcake when you find yourself driving out of the way just to pick one up! Well that was me on Sunday, I had a Petal cupcake craving that I needed satisfied! Thank you Petal for stocking Z Petrol Stations.

Amazing product amazing people

If you love sweet treats and beautiful things, you'll love Petal Cupcakes, they lovely to look at and even lovelier to eat! They have some fantastic standard flavours and are constantly coming up with exciting new limited edition flavours too - jelly tip, chilli chocolate and my personal favourite - salted caramel. Make yourself or someone special #feelgood with Petal Cupcakes.

Stack a cake stand with these puppies, sweet happiness!

I love their cupcakes! TOP NOTCH :D

Petal make the yummiest cupcakes. They are always so light and fluffy and the icing has so much flavour. Not to mention they’re absolutely gorgeous. I love that you can get little gift boxes, which turn your cupcake into the perfect little birthday present. Salted caramel, mango, chocolate and raspberry are all winners.

The red velvet cupcakes are totally scrumptious - the perfect treat if you need a sugar fix. Petal’s presentation is half its charm, with each cupcake lavishly iced in pretty poppy colours in yummy flavours. Getting or giving a box of these as a present is always fun!

Red Velvet- must try! Really reasonable and prompt delivery service is a bonus!

Oh my, these cupcakes are so so good. I really love how they have so many flavours on offer as well. 

The peach/mango is almost orgasmic! Such a great gift to give and they look amazing, so much so you almost dont want to eat them... almost!

Comment by KL
Must try :)

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