Recycle Boutique is a wonderful place to shop when you're feeling lucky - it is packed from ceiling to floor with a mixture of high street duds to excellent vintage pieces and everything from womens clothes to hats, shoes and vintage accessories.

Recycle Boutique's ethos is sustainable fashion and they work to protect the environment by recycling clothing.

They specialise in men's and women's designer clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories.

Remember, one woman's trash is another's treasure.

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The sheer size of this shop is amazing and some of my favourite finds are from here. I went once to buy one skirt I saw in the window and came out with an armful of amazing garments which I have since put to good use. They also have a really good range of shoes, which I’m usually pretty wary about getting from an op shop but here they have heaps and they’re really high quality especially for secondhand.

Totally love every 2nd hand clothing i come across. I cant walk past any 2nd hand clothing store without going in for a browse.

Recycle boutique is a great place to find some affordable pieces for your wardrobe. Be prepared to spend some time rifling through the racks, but it's often rewarding! My best bargain was an emerald green topshop dress for $4.50!

I love bringing my old threads here and getting some cash for them, so many of my clothes have ended up here instead of heading into the trash heap. Well done Recycle Boutique, saving the planet one garment at a time.

Just off Queens Street, down from The Body Shop. Clean out your own wardrobe, drop it off here and pick up some bargins.

I find something every time I visit this place, but be sure to set aside at least an hour if you really want a good search because this place is filled to the brim. The majority of it is pretty average (depending on your style of course but personally this is how I feel and I consider myself to be pretty sassy) The stuff here is pretty mainstream though not so much vintage as you would find with op shops on say K road. But there are still some really great finds to be had here!

Recycle Boutique is a second-hand lover’s dream, with rack upon rack of contemporary, designer and vintage clothing to be perused. With a huge quantity of clothing and accessories available, it’s hard to walk out empty handed.

Recycle Boutique has an impressive collection of clothing for you to sift through and find your next favourite wardrobe staple. This is where I would suggest you come if you are looking for jeans, especially if you are looking for smaller sizes which can be hard to find at the mall. If you are like me and can never have enough shoes then I would suggest you come armed with a wallet full of cash, they seem to always have an impressive range of Chuck Taylors and who can pass up a pair of new kicks?

This place is a test of will and patience. Very hit and miss but I STILL crow about the time I found an Oscar De La Renta dress for less than the cost of a Lippy dress. That was my thrifting unicorn, I hope you find one too.

Pictured is a pile of clothing in the CBD's recycle boutique waiting to be sorted through. Who knows what might be in those bags, perhaps it's just a whole lot of Ed Hardy cast offs or perhaps it's a bag full of vintage treasure! That's the best thing about Recycle Boutique - you never quite know what you're coming to come across. There's a great selection of men and woman's pre-loved clothing and accessories to pick from although it may take a while to find the treasure. About four years ago I picked up a great duffel coat there, and it's still a staple today. Definitely worth a browse.