When Alan Preston kicked off Unity Books in 1967, the shop was tiny and cerebral and only whimsically-commercial, a wedge within the OUP showrooms. Expanding 5 years later into the 2nd of 4 eventual locations on Willis Street, Alan started the patt...

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Unity Books is the place to go for a gift or to treat yourself! Stepping into unity books is relaxing and exciting. This large store offers a range of books from autobiographies to fiction novels. The passionate sales assistant are always more than happy to help you find the perfect book. My favourite is the coffee table books, stacked upon one another, each as gorgeous and interesting as the next. This should be your first stop when it comes to finding a book in Wellington! Make sure to get a get a loyalty card!

Unity Books is one of those bookstores into which you will enter looking for one thing, and leave with five other things! This is a testament to the diligent staff, who curate beautiful table displays, and organise the store so meticulously that you just cannot help yourself!

Looking for a great read, maybe a present for someone who's known to hide away inside written text. Unity Books is a place to go find all of these, with a large selection and openly inviting layout, its easy to find something you will enjoy here. With the variety and quality of all books in store meaning that everyone should be happy spending time looking and finding great books!

One of Wellingtons finest bookstores, its layout guides you to the sections which will interest you. With knowledgeable staff that care and provide excellent selections to be put on display, it’s a place where you rarely walk out empty handed, and is sure to throw a few interesting selections your way.

So you like books, well if you do Unity is one of the best places to go, with a wide variety of great books, you’re sure to find something that will peak your interest. The layout draws you towards sections that you are interested in easily which always seems to provide something new that you just have to read. It’s a trap, but its one you can keep going into again and again and never get bored of!

One of my absolute favourite shops in Wellington - great service, good range of books, and so much in store tips and advice. I find myself here regularly, and really hope Unity lives on forever! #myfoodbag

I've never left Unity Books empty handed - there's always something eye catching. #MORtreat

Unity Books’ curation is so impeccable that you can count on the fact that if they’ve got it in stock it’s a bloody good read. Whenever it’s my dad’s birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day, my sister and I hit up Unity Books’ sports section and each get a different book on cricket. Easy.

Nowhere makes me aspire to home ownership quite so much as Unity Books (well, maybe apart from the SPCA) – because nothing says to me putting down roots than shelves upon shelves of smart, scintillating, well-thumbed books. I'm often impressed by the variety of their collection and the breadth of the staff's knowledge, and very rarely leave empty-handed (or feeling short-changed).

Best range of new books at any bookstore in Wellington, especially for science and humanities. Staff are very helpful and always chatty too!

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