Zealandia is a world conservation success story, 225ha of a fenced off valley only 10 minutes from central Wellington. Here native birds, reptiles and insects are free to roam, in a pest free environment, with members of the public being able to walk and enjoy the surroundings.

The scratch of Kākā can now be heard and the endangered Takahē, Kākārik, Hihi and Tieke are making a comeback. Kiwi and Tuatara are often seen on the pre-booked night tour. There is a 500 year plan for the total wildlife and native plant restoration of the sanctuary: 100% of your admission goes towards this goal.

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Wildlife sanctuary for New Zealand's native species


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Zealandia is an awesome place for kids to learn all about our little country’s precious biodiversity. The night tours are super cool, and are a chance to see some rare species (like spotted kiwi and tuatara) in their prime.

Just on the edge of Wellingtons city centre, Zealandia offers up inspiring native bush and fauna for all. A charge does apply but is discounted for the young folk. A great space to explore and witness some rare New Zealand natives including some our endangered kiwis if your lucky. With tours by night to witness the nocturnal creatures available as well, it’s a great space to go to.

I absolutely love Zealandia and always take friends and family here when they're visiting Wellington. Am looking forward to attending a good friend's wedding here next year too!

If you want to do something more adventurous for your date you can go on trip up to Zealandia. Just under 2km from the city center, you end up at Wellingtons eco sanctuary park. An excellent day activity to plan with a variety of walks into some excellent flora and fauna, with some of New Zealands most endangered native species existing and flourishing within the sanctuary. A great adventure and learning activity as well for a date. Definitely advisable if your partner has a love of the outdoors and native wildlife.

I am ashamed to admit that having lived in Wellington for 4 years over different periods of my life, I have never visited Zealandia until the weekend. So glad I finally got out there though! The sun was shining, it was packed with kids, who admittedly were too loud although it didn't seem to scare away the birds, and we saw wildlife galore. More Wood Pigeons, Kaka, Tutaras and Saddlebacks than I could shake a stick at (FYI: I wouldn't actually shake a stick at them). Definitely will be returning as it would make a fun date day out.

One of Wellingtons best kept secrets

The premier place for nature-interac- y perambulation in this city. Work out your legs with a walk that also expands your heart with the beauty of nature.

Go back in time in the forest just outside Wellington city. Their night walks - where you might even get to meet a kiwi - are awesome.

This may be my favourite place in Wellington, there is something really amazing about seeing wildlife in its natural habitat.

The beautiful and tranquil Zealandia in Karori is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike, with abundant bird-life in a walled island sanctuary keeping the pesky rodents at bay and protecting our native flora and fauna. Spend a few hours or the whole day and check out the birdies flocking from all sides. There's a lake with boat rides, lots of picnic tables, bushwalks, weta hotels, a huge exhibition at the visitor's centre which introduces you to NZ natural history and the history of the park and on-site Rata Café with delish brunches. Very kiddie-friendly too and you'll probably see tuataras if you keep an eye out, which is a real buzz - majestic, ancient ancestors of NZ, and very slow-moving in the wintertime so they don't stray far on a daily basis. My favourite are the cheeky kaka - brown with bright orange under the wings and they like to come down and check you out and feed at the many bird tables. Not to be missed.

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