New Zealand's #1 Haunted Attraction Scream Park, designed to scare the absolute hell out of you! Live actors in Disturbia (3D), The Woods, Haunted House and The Fog.

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Ahhhhhh!!!! I've only been once but Spookers was one of the best nights I've ever had!!! Was scared senseless over and over and got the most insane adrenaline rush. It's not for the faint of heart but if you're into scary movies or enjoy being frightened then you have to come check it out! There's insane clowns, zombies, mad scientists, crazy hill billy's and all sorts of horrors inside this old mental asylum. Please Localist send me along!!! it's my birthday on the 12th November and I'd love to go to Spookers the day after!!!

I'm easily scared and also frightened of the dark but there's something particularly enticing about the awesome South Auckland attraction that is Spookers. A group of my friends recently went along for a ghoulish night out and said they enjoyed nothing more than being scared out of their skin. The fact that the scary action takes place in one of a former Auckland psychiatric hospital, which is reportedly haunted, only adds to the fear factor.

One of a kind - love it

I'm too much of a wuss for this kind of outing, but it'd suit my husband perfectly

If your kids are into gore, guts and ghouls, give them a good old scare at the Spooky School Holiday Scares. They'll be treated (or terrified) to a tour of the famous Spookers Haunted House with an in-character Spookers actor who will adjust the level of scares to suit the age of the victims, I mean kids. Restricted to kids eight years and older, and parents are welcome to come too.

So scary and exciting, great fun.

This place has all the classic horrors in the most realistic spaces. The old sanatorium adds to the chill with a plethora of characters to spook you when you least expect it. Will give you the heebee jee-bees!!

I’ve always been into ghost stories and horror movies so when i went to Spookers i was terrorfied but at the same time excited. I really loved the haunted house where i was eventually chased by zombie hillbillies and afterwards we enjoyed a pizza over a few drinks as well. Was scary but a great experience that I’d love to do again!

Do you really want to scare the living daylights out of your friends? Perfect, Spookers is just the place for you. Get up close and personal with dead nurses, clowns, zombies, that guy from Nightmare on Elm Street and probably the cast of all of the horror films you’ve ever seen. Maybe just don’t get too personal, I’ve seen my fair share of people wetting themselves and/or accidentally hitting an actor because of how scary this place is. Halloween is fast approaching, there is no better time to go!

This place is a wee drive out of Auckland, but definitely worth it. Scary fun for the young and young at heart.